Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok I know I have been bad about blogging. Life is just so stressful right now. Charles is in the middle of trying to get with the Midland Police Department. He passed the physical and written requirements but now he has to fill out the application. Applications for any law enforcement agency are hard to fill out. I think this thing is 50 pages front and back. They ask questions on there that make me think, if you answered yes to that, do you really feel that a police department would hire you. They do background and credit checks. I think they even do background checks on your spouses, not that I am worried about that, all they will see is that I speed alot.

It is just a hard application to fill out and makes Charles pessamistic. The hardest thing about Charles and mine marriage is keeping Charles from being too pessamistic. I want him to get this job so bad, I feel very good about his prospects but it is still hard to keep him optimistic.

Right now our life consets of getting up, eating breakfast, go to work, come home, Charles fill out part of the application, eat dinner, get Cassie ready for bed, put Cassie to bed, then we go to bed. I thought about it the other night and you would think Charles and I are 80. We are in bed most nights by 9:00pm. Usually alsepp by 9:30pm. Next thing you know we will be eating dinner at 4:30pm and screaming at kids to get off our front lawn. I guess I need to savor these times together because WHEN he gets hired by the PD he will probaby be put on the night shift or even the B shift which I would rather him not be on but I would be okay with because he would still be doing what he loves.

If you are reading this, and are a praying person, please ask God that His will be done. I am just hoping that His will would be that Charles get hired.

My niece is coming to stay in Odessa for a week so I hope to be blogging fun pictures of Cassie and Maddie playing this week. Next week Charles and I are taking Maddie back to Dallas and then we are all going to the circus so I will post pictures of that too. Of course I could be lazy and just have you read my sister-in-law's blog because she is so much better about is then me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

After party

This is called the after party for a reason. After Cassie and Maddie got up from their naps, the adults got on the water slide. I wish I could have put the video of us on here but it is too big. The picture say alot though.

Here is Charles throwing himself on the slide after Amanda.

I wish this picture was bigger because Charles' face is so funny.

Here is Oma and Maddie blowing bubbles in the pool.

Yes this is Cassie going up the slide. I am so going to get a note from school about how Cassie will not go down the slide correctly.

After I finally got Cassie to go down the slide, we could not get her off.

We had a lot of fun. Amanda and I want to rent it again when we go up there the end of July. No big reason, just cause we want to act like 4 year olds again.

Maddie's birthday party

Charles, Cassie and I went to Dallas this weekend for our niece's 4th birthday. Amanda was so smart to have a swimming party. You don't have to try to entertain children when there is water around. My sister-in-law has more pictures of the party on her blog. It was a blast and we were so glad we went.
Cassie loves to pour water into water. The pool was her favorite place to be.

Here is Maddie, Cassie and Cami before all the other kids arrived.

I finally got Cassie to go on the slide. She only went that once while the party was going. You can tell by her face she didn't know how she felt about this.

Cassie's favorite part about any party is cupcakes. Maddie's cupcakes were so much fun. They were green inside, her favorite color.

The lone picture of Charles at the party. He didn't know I took this so that is why he is smiling.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jon & Kate plus 8

OK confession time, I love watching Jon & Kate plus 8. Have been a faithful watcher for all 5 seasons. You can ask Charles, he makes fun of me. It is the only reality show I watch. I can't even explain why I like it but I do. I am so sad about everything that is happening right now. I am pulling for them. I do think maybe they should take some time off to work on their marriage but I also understand the show has become their income. To quit the show means losing their way of living. Plus how hard would it be to quit the show? They are never going to be normal again. I hate all the people talking about how it is damaging their children. Are you child psychologist, do you know if their children are damaged? Plus they are all hypocrites. If TLC came to you and said we will pay you $20,000 per episode to film your life, you would do it. Don't say you wouldn't because you would. Money speaks and if you could quit your job to be with your kids and go to fun places and meet cool people, you would. (on a side note, I am about to kill a fly, so bite me PETA) Sorry, anyway. I just saw that Jon and Kate are going to make a big announcement on Monday on their show, and I am about 90% sure it is that they are separating. They did not even spend their 10 anniversary together. I know, I am bad. I read People magazine so I follow them. It just makes me sad, because it is like watching a train wreak. I can't seem to stop. I talk to Charles about it and of course he says that is because Kate is a bitch and he would leave her too. I don't think she is a bitch but I know it has to be hard to raise 8 kids and she is doing the best she can. So I am pulling for them, I want them to stay together and not get a divorce.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cassie and Maddie

Charles, Cassie and I stayed at Charles' sisters house in Mesquite, Tx. She has a 3 year old daughter and Cassie and her for the most part like to play together.
Maddie loved pushing Cassie in the swing. It made her fell very grown up and Cassie loves being pushed in the swing.

When I wasn't paying attention, Maddie and Cassie got my camera and not sure what they got on the lens. Kinda cool affect on a $250 dollar camera. Note to self: always put expensive camera up so small children don't smear stuff on lens.

Maddie is playing golf, soon she will be going with Will to play a round. Does Will play golf?

Maddie got tired of pushing Cassie so I got elected.

Grandmother's 80th B-Day

My Grandmother turned 80 on June 10th. The weekend before nearly all of her family got together to celebrate. I was pleased with the turn out. My dad's cousin has a lake out just north of Dallas on Lake Texoma. Very beautiful house and great place for a party.

Here is a picture of the whole family except my father who was taking the picture.

Here are my Grandmother's son's.

Grandmother is so proud of her four boys and they all love her very much and take care of her even though none live that close.

Sue, the cousin whose house we were at, has a beautiful deck and we all ate outside.

This is their backyard which is right up tp the lake. Very beautiful there. Cassie looks like a little flower out there.

This is my uncle Preston with my cousin Joey.

Charles is showing something from his phone to Preston and Jimmy.

It was a great day and I wish we could have stayed the whole weekend. Can't wait to get together for my Grandmother's 90th birthday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Things

So I have been bad about doing my blog for May. Nothing has really been going on so that is why I haven't added anything. Here are some random things until something fun happens.

Sunday when I went to get Cassie from WeeGems (Sunday School at our church), the lady in charge came up to me saying, "I need to tell you what Cassie did." My mom said this will the first of many times I hear this. In her area at church they have an indoor playground area for just her age group. In this area they have a ball pit. Well Kelly, the lady in charge of her area, was speaking to the volunteers when she looked up and saw that Cassie had pulled a chair over to the ball area and was going to jump from the chair into the balls. As she was yelling for Cassie to stop she noticed that all the other kids were lined up behind her to take a turn at this fun new game. My child has no fear. She loves jumping off of things.

Yesterday I went the whole day without one coke. They are remodeling our office building so the coke machine is gone for right now, so you have to go to another building to get one so it was just easier to have water. I was so proud of myself. Then this morning I had a coke with breakfast and am now drinking a VERY large coke for lunch. I wish they had rehab for Coke drinkers.

I am looking forward to this summer. The first of June we are going to the lake to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. Then hopefully we are going to celebrate my niece's birthday the end of June. Not much going on in July until the end when my niece is coming to stay in Odessa for a week then Charles, Cassie and I are taking her back to Dallas and will go to the circus. Cassie liked the circus last year but I think she will like it even better this year since she is so good with naming animals. Now I am way excited about August. Cassie and I are going to Florida with my mom and 4 other girl relatives. It is going to be so much fun. My mom's cousin Sallie has a time-share condo on the beach. I think Cassie will have a blast since she loves the water. Plus I am going to see my friend Tamara that I have not seen in 5 years. She has two beautiful kids and I can't wait to meet them. We talk on the phone all the time but I miss seeing her.

So lots of picture taking opportunities. Will post pictures as we take them. I hope to be able to take pictures of Cassie's swim class on Monday. We have had a few classes but I wanted her to get use to the classes before I took pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cassie's sense of style

I have been trying to let Cassie have a little more say in what she is going to wear. Here are the attempts at it.
We were going to run to Chick-fil-a to pick up some food on Good Friday. This is the outfit she picked out. Shirt, pants and glove.

I do feel the one glove adds to the outfit. Oh it was not cold on this day.

This was last Wednesday. Her school wanted the kids to wear green for Earth Day. I picked the outfit and had nice silver sandels to wear but Oma just bought her these shoes and she wanted to wear them. I could not talk her out of them.

Only a two year old could get away with this color combination.

These last pictures I took because she just got her hair cut today. This was her first professional haircut. I had just been trimming it but she needed a better job than I could do. Leah did a wonderful job.

I wanted to take a picture of Leah actually cutting it but Cassie needed me to hold her hand because it is tramatic getting your hair cut. Charles says she looks like a little person now.

This last one is her playing with her jump rope. She has wanted one so bad that I got her one at the store. It is her new favorite toy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So we had a good Easter. First I would like to show Cassie photography skills. I helped her a little bit but this is the picture she took of daddy. He has a hard time just smiling plus he was trying to make her laugh.

Ok now on to Easter pictures. We went to her Oma's and Granddad's house Saturday night for her to find eggs. We had to do it inside because it was storming outside. At this time Cassie has never gotten to find eggs outside because of the weather. I only got one picture because I was filming the hunt on the camcorder.

Here is Cassie in her Easter dress. It looks like I taped her to the wall but that is how she posed.

She finally got to hunt Easter eggs outside. It was very windy but she had so much fun. That is her Papa Fry trying to get pictures also.

Every time she found an egg she would scream, "I found an egg." She loves finding things so she was in heaven finding all these eggs.

Here she is opening her eggs. Charles and I put Cheez Its, Pretzels and Goldfish in them. The candy they have in the stores is just to big for her and she loves cracker like food.

She got the egg with the Cheez Its and is making sure it is okay to eat. We may have put broccoli in there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cassie being Cassie

So here are some pictures of Cassie having fun being Cassie. I can't wait to take some pictures in her new summer clothes. They are so cute.
Here is Cassie playing Rock Band with Daddy. Drums are her fav and daddy will never stop her from playing them. Cassie is so cool in her sunglasses.

She loves going to the park, she would go everyday if I let her.

Next we went to the mall because it is a different slide, but she likes to go down them on her stomach.

She is wearing her sunglasses like momma. Always remember that your child watches everything that you do.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Henry 1999-2009

Henry went to kitty heaven this morning. I got him in '99 when I moved into my apartment in Lubbock. I wanted to name him Bob because I love the name Bob but Amanda said his name should be Henry because he looked like an English gentleman. He was so small, he fit in the palm of my hand. He loved sleeping in bed with me, right next to me on the other pillow like he was human. When I got married to Charles he would crawl between us and push Charles out of bed because that was his place. He has been through so much with me. A number of boyfriends and then finally Charles. I moved him so many times and it never fazed him. He always just went with the flow. I had Cassie and he was never mean to her. When she first started walking, she would grab his tail and he would pull her around the house. She could hit or pull his fur and he just laid there and took it. He hated Charles so much and the feeling was mutual. It was actually kinda funny. I am going to miss him so much. I will always remember him and how he always wanted to lay right on top of me even though he was 22 pounds of muscle. I love you Henry and you will always be my baby.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


OK so I have to make a big decision. After I paid out the nose to have 8 of my cats teeth pulled, the vet told me he has feline diabetes. So I looked it up online to see what I was going to have to deal with. First I have to have him tested again since they tested him during his surgery. That is around $100 for the testing. Then there will be insulin that I have to give him everyday. That is $50 a bottle. The bottle could last up to 3 months but until they get him regulated I will keep having to buy bottles at $50 a pop. Then I have to buy a blood checker for $50 plus strips so that I can test him everyday. Then lastly I have to buy special food and I have no idea how much that is. Can I do this, can I pull money out of places I don't have? Can I deal with a two year old and a sick cat? What if I have another child? But can I put him down, do I have the strength to put my baby who I have had since he was six weeks old down? Every time I think about it I start to cry. I have prayed about this but I still don't have a clear answer. Pet lovers are going to be the only ones who understand what I am going through. If you are reading this and are a praying person, please pray that I will know what to do. I am making myself sick over this and need to make a decision soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Everyday Pictures

Ok first thing is first. My coke diary. Friday: 1 coke, but first thing in the morning. Saturday: 2 cokes, Sunday: 2 cokes. I am getting better, just down to 2 a day. This weeks goal 1 a day.

Here is a picture of me loving cokes.
Now on to things people care about. Cute pictures of my daughter.
She loves wearing other peoples hats.

And shoes.

It is like is a picture of Charles and his cat Flik, oh and Cassie is there too.

She loves to pour imaginary coffee.

She loves cooking on her grill.

She makes wonderful hot dogs.

She loves her dollhouse.

Baby is always on the potty.

And daddy is always sleeping.

Here is a picture of my nephew, Brendan on his 2nd birthday.