Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cassie's Ballet Recital

Cassie does ballet at her school that she goes to. It isn't very expensive, she has a ton of fun and we don't have to go to practices at night because it is done during school hours. I love it and so does Cassie. Here are some pictures from the night. My mom has a ton more that she took with her really nice camera but who knows when I will get those.

Isn't she the cutest kid you have ever seen!!

She is patiently waiting for the recital to start. She was so good about standing still and waiting until the teacher was ready.

I had to add this picture because of her face. They were waiting in line to show their jumps.

This will be her last ballet class for awhile because we are going to sign her up for soccer in the fall. She has said she wants to play and I told her that she had to choose between soccer and ballet and she said soccer. She has done ballet for 2 years so I guess she is ready for a change. Charles can't wait till she is in soccer because he said that was his favorite sport. We will see how well she does.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Drugs Childbirth - Update

I have no idea why this idea came into my mind. I was just sitting at work when the thought popped in my mind, I wonder if I could do an epidural free birth. I can't say a completely drug free birth because the doctor may have to induce me again if the baby quits growing like Cassie did. I would love to actually be able to go into labor this time but it just depends on my thyroid. My thyroid has actually been really good this time, only once have we had to increase my dosage of meds. Could I actually give birth with no epidural? I already said I wasn't going to take the other drugs that they said would help last time because they did not help at all. I did get an epidural last time when I got to a 5 and I felt no pain but then I had to sit in bed for awhile after I gave birth waiting for the drugs to wear off so I could start walking around again. I have a very good friend who was unable to get an epidural because by the time she got to the hospital she was already at an 8. She said it hurt a lot but it was nice to be able to get up right after she gave birth.

I actually told Charles I wouldn't mind giving birth at home if I wasn't afraid that something would go wrong during birth or that the baby wouldn't need special care after. I hated staying at the hospital after I gave birth. I got no sleep and it wasn't even Cassie's fault, it was the nurses who constantly came in. I guess I will just see how long I can tolerate the pain this time, of course I may decide that I need the epidural and then they tell me that sorry, you are too far along now. Well things to think about before the big day gets here.

Last Friday we went in for our 30 week sonogram and she is looking good. She weighs 3lbs 8oz right now and has her head right where it needs to be for when I deliver. I can't believe I still have 9 weeks left. Charles said he was going to start working on the room this weekend but I will believe it when I see it. We have the bedding with us to take to the paint store to start figuring out the paint colors. Charles has this really cool design in his mind that he wants to paint so we will see how it turns out. I know it will look cool because he designed Cassie's room and it is exactly how he wanted it to turn out. I wish I was as creative as he is. I hope the girls get his creativity from him.

Update-Okay I got the drugs but in my defense, I had back labor, REALLY bad!  Was worse than Cassie's birth.  I took the drugs at 4 cm and don't regret it.  Well except when I got the bill, they should show you the bill first.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Third Trimester

I am on the home stretch and boy am I ready and we still have 76 days to go. I always laughed at women who didn't like to be pregnant because I never understood the problem because my first pregnancy was a breeze. This one has not been a breeze and I am so ready to hold her in my arms because that means I am not pregnant! Oh my back, it hurts all the time. Poor Charles has to listen to me grip all the time and I don't even care.

We got a new puppy, a Great Dane. Yes I know, what in the world were we thinking but in our defense we had already decided and put the deposit down for the puppy before we found out about Little Miss (I will announce her name after she is born :-).
Isn't he the cutest thing. He is actually a pretty good puppy. He is 11 weeks old right now so he should be well trained by the time the baby gets here.

We still haven't gotten the room done, Charles said he would have it done by June 18th, which is the day of my baby shower so I am leaving him alone about it and not nagging him. We are going to go register for stuff this weekend and go pick up some items I let people borrow. It is getting close and I wants everything ready by July 1st because I don't have any idea when she will get here and I don't want to feel rushed.