Friday, April 24, 2009

Cassie's sense of style

I have been trying to let Cassie have a little more say in what she is going to wear. Here are the attempts at it.
We were going to run to Chick-fil-a to pick up some food on Good Friday. This is the outfit she picked out. Shirt, pants and glove.

I do feel the one glove adds to the outfit. Oh it was not cold on this day.

This was last Wednesday. Her school wanted the kids to wear green for Earth Day. I picked the outfit and had nice silver sandels to wear but Oma just bought her these shoes and she wanted to wear them. I could not talk her out of them.

Only a two year old could get away with this color combination.

These last pictures I took because she just got her hair cut today. This was her first professional haircut. I had just been trimming it but she needed a better job than I could do. Leah did a wonderful job.

I wanted to take a picture of Leah actually cutting it but Cassie needed me to hold her hand because it is tramatic getting your hair cut. Charles says she looks like a little person now.

This last one is her playing with her jump rope. She has wanted one so bad that I got her one at the store. It is her new favorite toy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So we had a good Easter. First I would like to show Cassie photography skills. I helped her a little bit but this is the picture she took of daddy. He has a hard time just smiling plus he was trying to make her laugh.

Ok now on to Easter pictures. We went to her Oma's and Granddad's house Saturday night for her to find eggs. We had to do it inside because it was storming outside. At this time Cassie has never gotten to find eggs outside because of the weather. I only got one picture because I was filming the hunt on the camcorder.

Here is Cassie in her Easter dress. It looks like I taped her to the wall but that is how she posed.

She finally got to hunt Easter eggs outside. It was very windy but she had so much fun. That is her Papa Fry trying to get pictures also.

Every time she found an egg she would scream, "I found an egg." She loves finding things so she was in heaven finding all these eggs.

Here she is opening her eggs. Charles and I put Cheez Its, Pretzels and Goldfish in them. The candy they have in the stores is just to big for her and she loves cracker like food.

She got the egg with the Cheez Its and is making sure it is okay to eat. We may have put broccoli in there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cassie being Cassie

So here are some pictures of Cassie having fun being Cassie. I can't wait to take some pictures in her new summer clothes. They are so cute.
Here is Cassie playing Rock Band with Daddy. Drums are her fav and daddy will never stop her from playing them. Cassie is so cool in her sunglasses.

She loves going to the park, she would go everyday if I let her.

Next we went to the mall because it is a different slide, but she likes to go down them on her stomach.

She is wearing her sunglasses like momma. Always remember that your child watches everything that you do.