Friday, March 4, 2011

And Intelligender test is.......

Wrong! We are having a baby girl contrary to what the Intelligender test said we were having. I have to say I was slightly disappointed when we first saw the sonogram but I am okay now. Cassie is thrilled to have a sister and Charles and I are already use to a girl. I think I was disappointed for Charles and Charles was disappointed because he knew I wanted a boy. After we talked and realized we were disappointed for the other, we were both okay. We are just happy that little miss is healthy. She is right on schedule weight wise, she is healthy and due date still shows July 19th. We hope to have a name by then.

The sonogram did show that my placenta is laying a little too low. The doctor thinks it will correct itself as my uterus grows but we have to go back for another sonogram in 4 weeks to check to see if it is indeed doing that. If it does not correct itself, then I will have to have a c-section. So I am praying hard that my placenta moves to where it should be because I would really like to have a vaginal birth. So I guess another update on April 1st.