Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nearly there

So I went to the doctor last Tuesday and he said I could have the baby at any time. Well it is now the next Tuesday and I still have not had the baby. I know it is in God's timing but I am so impatient to meet her. Both Charles and I keep poking at my stomach saying you can come out now, we are ready. Speaking of ready, we have the room done!! Here are the final pics.

I can't believe I married such a talented person. Charles designed this whole room, I was just going to paint it green. It turned out so cute.

I am still trying to decide on curtains. Since she will be sleeping in our room in her bassinet for a little bit, I have some time.

My glider is going to go right here. It will get here just about the time she is born. It will probably come while we are in the hospital.

I don't have a dresser in here because there wasn't enough room for the glider and a dresser, plus I don't need one right now so once I don't need the glider in the room anymore, then we will get a dresser. I can't wait to bring her home!! So this should be my last pregnant post, next one should be of Little Miss!!