Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeding Baby

When I had Cassie 4 years ago, I said I was going to breastfeed her for as long as I possibly could. I was so sad when I only got to breastfeed for about 3 months. There was nothing wrong with my milk, the problem was finding a place at my job that I could pump. There was no good place. Plus I was so busy that my boss, who is a woman, made me feel bad about taking a break to pump. I thank God nearly everyday that I work someplace different and that I will be able to pump as long as I want to. I felt so guilty having to give up breastfeeding even though everyone told me not to. With this baby, I have my own office and a boss (who is a man) who will not make me feel guilty. Everything about this next baby will be different. I have a much better job, as does Charles (he was working nights when Cassie was born). No one will make me feel guilty for taking maternity leave (obviously my last job was a nightmare) and we also have our own house (when Cassie was born, we were living with Charles parents saving up for a house).

I can't wait till I have this next baby. Everything will be so much easier. Charles will be home every night to help me, I will only work 4 days a week and my work schedule will be from 8:30am-4:30am and it is the second baby so I already know how to take care of one. I am not saying I was not excited to have Cassie, I was super excited to have Cassie and she is still the light of my life, but I feel this baby will not be so stressful. With Cassie, I was by myself because Charles worked nights and the first 2 months, we lived with his parents and my work was horrendous and I hated going. I can't wait till we can find out the sex of the baby. That way Charles and I can really start fighting over names :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nothing new

Nothing new has happened. I haven't been quite as sick to my stomach but still am constantly starving. Charles is amazed with the amount of food I eat now. We went to McAlister's last night and I got half a sandwich and a baked potato and was still hungry after. I weigh myself thinking I have gained 10 pounds but I have only gained 5. I am now in my 2nd trimester. Today I am wearing my skinny jeans for the last time until after the baby is born because even with the waist extender they are too small. I have plenty of winter maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Cassie but only 3 short sleeve shirts for summer. Got on Ebay and will probably bid on some maternity clothes there. I am trying to save money so that we have plenty for baby stuff, like a crib and glider and clothes. I am glad we kept most of everything from Cassie and that I didn't buy gender specific stuff. Everyone was onto me for buying neutral stuff, but guess what, if we have a boy, I can use everything. I still have the bathtub, bouncer, car seat and stroller, changing table, bassinet, towels and washcloths, bottles and some other misc things. So we only need to get clothes, a crib and Charles said he would buy me a glider. I will borrow a swing from a friend and then I should be all set.

Oh the garage sale. We have got to have a garage sale to get rid of everything in the computer room since that will now be the baby's room. We can't even get into the garage right now because it is so stuffed. Man I wish it would get warm so we could get all this stuff sold. We have got to buy more shelving units for the garage so that we can get stuff out of the house to make room. We really didn't want to stay in this house but we both reluctantly feel it is best for us to just stay here for right now. We are just going to have to purge alot. I have already started with clothes. Man you should see all the t-shirts I own. We would love a bigger house but I just don't think it is in the plan right now. We just have to work with what we have.

My next doctor appointment is next week and then the next one will be when we find out what we are having, yeah!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo's of Cassie

This was Cassie at a bowling birthday party. All those girls trying to lift those bowling balls was so funny.

Cassie was Cinderella for Halloween. She loved this dress and wanted to even sleep in it. Charles picked it out for her, I was going to get a cheaper one and Charles said no and I am glad because she still wears it for dress up.

Cassie has loved ballet class. She has so much fun in it and still practices the moves at home. She is very mechanical in her moves and is not very artistic but I think with time she will learn.
So these pictures were taken with my iPhone and I didn't realize you could zoom in with the new iPhone so they are a little far off. I will know for the next time. Hopefully by the next recital I will find my digital camera.

I was going to post a video of the recital but after an hour of trying to upload, it wasn't worth it. Lets just say it was dang cute!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am a pretty private person which is why I chose to start this blog. I can say things that I would never say in person. Like this news of my pregnancy. I haven't really said anything at work because I don't like the attention. I have told my boss and a couple of the girls and that is it because I hate attention brought on me. When Charles and I were having problems, the lady who leads our prayer time here at work pretty much made me tell because she wanted everyone to pray and while I did want everyone to pray because it worked, I hated putting myself out there. I am so much better at being in the background. So it struck me funny that someone at work asked me if I was having a baby because I was dumbfounded that they knew. I asked how they knew and they said well you put it on your blog. I was like someone reads my blog? Mostly I write this thing for myself. I don't ever expect people to read it. So while Charles has told everyone he knows and put it all over Facebook that we are having a baby, I have told my family and 3 other people. It isn't that I don't want people to know, it is that I don't want to stand up and make a big announcement in front of the world because then everyone is looking at me. I figure people will figure it out when I get big in just my stomach or that I have a tumor :-)