Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jon & Kate plus 8

OK confession time, I love watching Jon & Kate plus 8. Have been a faithful watcher for all 5 seasons. You can ask Charles, he makes fun of me. It is the only reality show I watch. I can't even explain why I like it but I do. I am so sad about everything that is happening right now. I am pulling for them. I do think maybe they should take some time off to work on their marriage but I also understand the show has become their income. To quit the show means losing their way of living. Plus how hard would it be to quit the show? They are never going to be normal again. I hate all the people talking about how it is damaging their children. Are you child psychologist, do you know if their children are damaged? Plus they are all hypocrites. If TLC came to you and said we will pay you $20,000 per episode to film your life, you would do it. Don't say you wouldn't because you would. Money speaks and if you could quit your job to be with your kids and go to fun places and meet cool people, you would. (on a side note, I am about to kill a fly, so bite me PETA) Sorry, anyway. I just saw that Jon and Kate are going to make a big announcement on Monday on their show, and I am about 90% sure it is that they are separating. They did not even spend their 10 anniversary together. I know, I am bad. I read People magazine so I follow them. It just makes me sad, because it is like watching a train wreak. I can't seem to stop. I talk to Charles about it and of course he says that is because Kate is a bitch and he would leave her too. I don't think she is a bitch but I know it has to be hard to raise 8 kids and she is doing the best she can. So I am pulling for them, I want them to stay together and not get a divorce.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cassie and Maddie

Charles, Cassie and I stayed at Charles' sisters house in Mesquite, Tx. She has a 3 year old daughter and Cassie and her for the most part like to play together.
Maddie loved pushing Cassie in the swing. It made her fell very grown up and Cassie loves being pushed in the swing.

When I wasn't paying attention, Maddie and Cassie got my camera and not sure what they got on the lens. Kinda cool affect on a $250 dollar camera. Note to self: always put expensive camera up so small children don't smear stuff on lens.

Maddie is playing golf, soon she will be going with Will to play a round. Does Will play golf?

Maddie got tired of pushing Cassie so I got elected.

Grandmother's 80th B-Day

My Grandmother turned 80 on June 10th. The weekend before nearly all of her family got together to celebrate. I was pleased with the turn out. My dad's cousin has a lake out just north of Dallas on Lake Texoma. Very beautiful house and great place for a party.

Here is a picture of the whole family except my father who was taking the picture.

Here are my Grandmother's son's.

Grandmother is so proud of her four boys and they all love her very much and take care of her even though none live that close.

Sue, the cousin whose house we were at, has a beautiful deck and we all ate outside.

This is their backyard which is right up tp the lake. Very beautiful there. Cassie looks like a little flower out there.

This is my uncle Preston with my cousin Joey.

Charles is showing something from his phone to Preston and Jimmy.

It was a great day and I wish we could have stayed the whole weekend. Can't wait to get together for my Grandmother's 90th birthday.