Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny in a sad way

OK so I know I need to post more pictures of Cassie, I just haven't had a chance to take any.

Now on to my post. Sunday night Cassie started throwing up. No idea why, she never acted like she felt bad, it just happened. Charles was so good, every time she would throw up, he would take her to the bathroom, get her cleaned up while I cleaned up wherever she had just been. We were all in the bathroom after she got done emptying her stomach again, when she looked at us with the sad expression and said, "I'm alright guys." She just kept saying that over and over. It was so funny the way she was saying it but sad because she was clearly not alright.

I am happy to say, she is good now. Charles stayed up with her all night and then stayed home with her the next day because I could not take off work. He is a wonderful father even if he doesn't feel like it sometime.

On another note, pray for me Saturday as I am getting Lasik surgery. I am having the surgery that takes a couple of days recovery so I am not looking forward to that with having a 2 year old. Will let blog after the surgery to let everyone know how it went.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I would like to thank Amanda for getting me hooked onto Facebook. Actually maybe it should be, "Amanda, thanks alot for getting me hooked on Facebook." That was sarcastic in case you couldn't tell. I really like it way better than MySpace. MySpace takes too much work. On Facebook you don't have to design a page and add all this other stuff. Facebook is so much more simple. I have found so many people I went to high school with on there. So if you haven't done it, get on Facebook and start finding your friends.

So Amanda added new pictures of her beautiful daughter Maddie, so I guess I better add new pictures of Cassie. I haven't taken alot since Christmas but I will get some up of her on her little 4 wheeler. She has been sick and is taking breathing treatments so I will take a picture of her doing that because she is so good about doing them. Hopefully I will do that tomorrow.