Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My mother's church is have a Women's Retreat on Sept 17-18. She has asked me to speak at the retreat. I hate speaking in public. I get so nervous and flustered right before. The whole weekend is titled "My Heart-Christ's Home." My part of the home is the hall closet. How we tend to hide things away in our lives like we put stuff in closets. I was very nervous about speaking because I had no idea what I was going to say. Last night we had a meeting to go over the weekend and have a time of prayer. Last night in bed, before I went to sleep, God told me what I needed to speak about. It was so amazing, I did the whole speech in my head while laying in bed. I should have gotten up and just typed it all but I was tired and to in awe that God would make it flow like it did. I am nearly excited about the weekend now, I say nearly because it still involves speaking in front of a bunch of women. If you are a woman and reading this blog and live in the Midland/Odessa area, please come to the retreat at First Southern Baptist Church in Gardendale, TX. It starts Friday, September 17th at 6:30pm and end Saturday afternoon. My cousin, Krista, will be leading the worship and she has an amazing voice. Food will be provided and all you have to do is show up. It should be an amazing weekend.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Son of a motherless goat

Okay so waxing areas other than eyebrows hurts a lot. Wow, that is different kind of pain. I hope it was worth it cause not sure I could ever do that again. Hope I tipped her well and I am glad I have a job that doesn't require me to put others in pain even though the others paid for it. 6 days to Vegas.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So Charles and I chat everyday online, nearly all day. Not about anything important, just chatting. It is hard to talk at home with a 3 year old who wants to be with us the whole time she is awake and by the time she gets to bed we are tired and just want to watch a TV show or read a book before bed. It has been really nice. Sometimes we have arguments about something (like life) and then sometimes we talk about dreams and aspirations. Well in our talking, Charles convinced me to get waxed before Vegas. Not eyebrow waxed and we will just leave it at that. I will let you know how it goes and if I scream like a little girl.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Vegas!!

Charles and I have 10 days till Vegas!! It will be the longest time ever. I can't wait for the two of us to go on a vacation and not be in debt afterward. We were so good, we paid for the hotel, then plane tickets, already bought our show tickets and saved up cash to take with us so we will not use one card while there. I can't wait to just relax.

So on the house front. 1 showing in 1 month. I did read something that August is the worse time to sell and man were they right. I sure hope it picks up. Keeping a house clean all the time is hard and it is harder when no one is looking at it. I keep telling myself, we don't have to move so we aren't in a hurry, but this sucks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ok a break from the house selling whoa. Tonight Charles and I are going to Genghis Grill. We used to go all the time in Dallas and loved it. I hope it is as good as it use to be. Hopefully Cassie will eat something.

My new iPhone gets here tomorrow!!!! I actually bought a case for it also. Maybe I won't destroy this one.

Oh Vegas, I am so excited I am barely sleep. A real vacation with just Charles and me. A grown up vacation. I bought a bustier that is black and red that you wear as a shirt. I have never owned one but this is Vegas. Now I have to find a short skirt and some cute heels. I am meeting a lot of guys that Charles knows so I want Charles to be proud to show off his wife. I also bought a low cut dress that you can't wear a bra with. Very excited to wear my new clothes. Will be nice to get out of my comfort zone and just have fun. Plus work on a nice tan.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So Charles is upset that we have had only one person come look at the house in 2 weeks. Our Realtor is saying that it is just slow right now and hopefully it should pick up. Well now Charles's friend is telling him how the same thing happened to him and they changed Realtor's and sold their house in 10 days. Do we change our Realtor after only 2 weeks? Plus I know our Realtor, went to high school with him, he is a really great guy and the Realtor Charles wants to move us to, I don't like. My father would have a cow if we moved to this Realtor but I told Charles that if he wanted to get a different Realtor that he would have to find one and I would support him. I really think we need to give ours a least a full month before we find another. ARGH, I just want the house to sell.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is hard to be patient

Patience is not one of my best virtues. When I know I want something, I go get it done right then. So when we decided to sell our house, I wanted it sold right then. I understand that is very rare to sell your house as soon as you put it up. It is all up to God. I still feel good about selling it but I do wish it would happen sooner. I am proud of Charles, he is dealing with this better than I thought. He is helping me keep the house clean and has done very well on fixing everything that needs to be done to sell. Charles will get things done that need to be done, he just doesn't do it as fast as I want it done. In that I have to learn patience also. Our Realtor has said it is just slow right now. I am really not worried, I have prayed about God's plan through this whole process and still feel this is the right thing to do. I told Charles that I did not want to know about the Boulder house, if it has sold or not. When our house sells, then we will ask about it. If it has sold, then it wasn't meant to be, if it hasn't then we will put a contract on it. I think God is just teaching me patience because he knows that I have very little.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So the son of the lady who owns the Boulder house called to let us know that they are putting their house up for sell this week. Charles thanked him for letting us know and told him that our house is on the market but we can't do anything until we have a contract on our house. We had talked about looking at other houses to make sure but we both know we want this house. Everybody pray with me, Dear Lord, if it be Your will, please let Kara sell her house so that her family can buy their dream house. Amen.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Argh, we have only had one person come look at the house. I just wish people would go look at it. I know Wayne said the 1st week we would only have a few and it picks up in the next weeks but it would make me feel better if the realtors office would call saying they need to show it. Ok I won't feel downtrodden. I just really want to move.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Looker

Wayne put the sign in the yard at 6:30pm last night and we had our first showing today. When the realtor office called to let me know, I nearly screamed yes in her ear. I know I don't need to get our hopes up but Wayne called after to say that was good because he has had one house for sell for a month with no one looking at it. Then I also realized people would be walking in my house judging it. Judging how I decorated or the paint colors. Oh well, I just hope someone buys it. I just hope it sells before the Boulder house goes on the market so we can put a contract on it before anyone else sees it. Dear Lord, please if the house is going to sell, make it quick so I don't make myself sick. Amen.

House for Sale

Finally I have something fun to blog about. So Charles and I agreed that we both want to move into a bigger house. This is HUGE for us because Charles hates moving, like makes himself sick with just the thought of moving. So we had a Realtor come look at it. One good thing about Facebook is that you get to find people you went to High School with. Well on FB I found Wayne Dunson. We weren't best friends or anything in high school but I did know him and remembered what a nice guy he was. I also knew from FB that he was a Realtor. So I asked Wayne to come and check out the house. He was actually impressed with everything we have done. Charles and I may despise the house because it is too small but we have put a lot of work into it. So the next week Wayne came back and told me he wanted to try to sell it for $105,000 which is great because we bought the house at $90,000.

That is when the fun started. We had to get the house ready to sell. We had to rent a storage unit to put a bunch of furniture in it so that the house would look bigger. Then we had to finish the kitchen FINALLY. Why is it you put stuff off until you try to sell it? Then we had to repaint the trim and fix stuff on the outside. Both Charles and I were so tired of dealing with repairs but we got it finished. Here is the house if you want to buy it. :-) It is a good house, it is just too small for us who love stuff.

Like I said in the last post, we already found our house. It is an older house but Charles loves older houses with character. I would love a new home but Charles hates cookie cutter houses. I just want one I don't have to work on. Yes this house is old but it is big. It has two living rooms and a HUGE laundry room which I would love. Man I am old to talk about loving a laundry room. Has 3 bedrooms that all have walk in closets. Now the bathrooms, on my. The guest bath is PINK!!! Pink tile, pink tub and pink toilet, but as Charles says, it can be fixed. Of course Cassie will LOVE it. I wish the master was bigger but Charles says we can add on later cause it is on an outside wall.

Now we are going to be good and look at other houses so that we know for sure this is our house. I have prayed every night that it is God's will that he allows us to sell ours and let us get the Boulder house (as we call it).