Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok I know I have been bad about blogging. Life is just so stressful right now. Charles is in the middle of trying to get with the Midland Police Department. He passed the physical and written requirements but now he has to fill out the application. Applications for any law enforcement agency are hard to fill out. I think this thing is 50 pages front and back. They ask questions on there that make me think, if you answered yes to that, do you really feel that a police department would hire you. They do background and credit checks. I think they even do background checks on your spouses, not that I am worried about that, all they will see is that I speed alot.

It is just a hard application to fill out and makes Charles pessamistic. The hardest thing about Charles and mine marriage is keeping Charles from being too pessamistic. I want him to get this job so bad, I feel very good about his prospects but it is still hard to keep him optimistic.

Right now our life consets of getting up, eating breakfast, go to work, come home, Charles fill out part of the application, eat dinner, get Cassie ready for bed, put Cassie to bed, then we go to bed. I thought about it the other night and you would think Charles and I are 80. We are in bed most nights by 9:00pm. Usually alsepp by 9:30pm. Next thing you know we will be eating dinner at 4:30pm and screaming at kids to get off our front lawn. I guess I need to savor these times together because WHEN he gets hired by the PD he will probaby be put on the night shift or even the B shift which I would rather him not be on but I would be okay with because he would still be doing what he loves.

If you are reading this, and are a praying person, please ask God that His will be done. I am just hoping that His will would be that Charles get hired.

My niece is coming to stay in Odessa for a week so I hope to be blogging fun pictures of Cassie and Maddie playing this week. Next week Charles and I are taking Maddie back to Dallas and then we are all going to the circus so I will post pictures of that too. Of course I could be lazy and just have you read my sister-in-law's blog because she is so much better about is then me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

After party

This is called the after party for a reason. After Cassie and Maddie got up from their naps, the adults got on the water slide. I wish I could have put the video of us on here but it is too big. The picture say alot though.

Here is Charles throwing himself on the slide after Amanda.

I wish this picture was bigger because Charles' face is so funny.

Here is Oma and Maddie blowing bubbles in the pool.

Yes this is Cassie going up the slide. I am so going to get a note from school about how Cassie will not go down the slide correctly.

After I finally got Cassie to go down the slide, we could not get her off.

We had a lot of fun. Amanda and I want to rent it again when we go up there the end of July. No big reason, just cause we want to act like 4 year olds again.

Maddie's birthday party

Charles, Cassie and I went to Dallas this weekend for our niece's 4th birthday. Amanda was so smart to have a swimming party. You don't have to try to entertain children when there is water around. My sister-in-law has more pictures of the party on her blog. It was a blast and we were so glad we went.
Cassie loves to pour water into water. The pool was her favorite place to be.

Here is Maddie, Cassie and Cami before all the other kids arrived.

I finally got Cassie to go on the slide. She only went that once while the party was going. You can tell by her face she didn't know how she felt about this.

Cassie's favorite part about any party is cupcakes. Maddie's cupcakes were so much fun. They were green inside, her favorite color.

The lone picture of Charles at the party. He didn't know I took this so that is why he is smiling.