Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Bush in Midland

I don't care if you like President Bush or hate him, but when a President of the United States of America comes to your town, you go see him. I happen to like Bush. I don't care if you don't like him, this is not a forum to discuss how much you hate Bush. So my mom and I went to join the 30,000 people to welcome Bush home. Let me tell you it was packed. Here are some pictures of the crowd.

Does that look like 30,000 people?

Here is a picture of mom and I while we wait.

Here is the plane carrying President Bush and Mrs. Bush.

Good zoom on the camera because he was on top of a building.

Finally we got to see President Bush and Laura Bush.

The whole experience was a once in a lifetime thing. It was worth standing up for 2 1/2 hours. My back was killing me when we got back to the car but it was fun. I wish Cassie had been old enough to understand what was going on but it would not have been fun to take her and deal with. Oh well at least I will have the pictures.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was a completely lazy day. Charles got up with Cassie so that I could sleep. I woke up and thought it must be noon because that is how long I thought I had slept. Nope, it was only 9:11am. So I laid there in bed thinking how comfortable I am when Charles opens the door, throws Cassie on the bed and says you need to watch her so I can mop up the kitchen. He says this while taking Cassie's socks off. It seems that Cassie was running from her room through the kitchen to the living room for about 30 minutes non stop while Charles sat on the couch watching her. Well, a couple of minutes had passed and he realized he had not heard her so he got up and went to the kitchen to watch Cassie playing in the water that she was poured out of the water jug onto the floor. There was a lot of water in the water jug. He wasn't mad, he just could not clean it up while she was playing in it. Cassie loves water, she takes after her father in that sense because I am not fond of it. I hate to be wet, I can't even wash dishes without gloves because I hate having my hands wet. I will help clean a kitchen when I am at someone elses house but it is so hard because all I can think about it getting done so I can dry my hands off. I like swimming but not if I can't touch because I have a fear of drowning.

Anyway back to Cassie playing in the floor full of water, so I had to get up because Charles didn't realize that her PJ's were wet also. So this is how lazy we were today, I just put new PJ's on her. So we watched movies after her nap. We watched Tinkerbell that her Aunt Amanda got her for her birthday. I like that movie, it is so pretty to watch. Then I wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty because that was my favorite Disney movie growing up. Just to show how old I am I watched it on Beta. I am not sure how may people even remember Beta. I didn't know if Cassie would like it or not but I wanted to watch it with her anyway. Watching it made me realize how much cartoon movies have changed. They are so different now. The only moral I think in Sleeping Beauty is that between good and evil. There are probably other morals in there but that is the main one. Now movies have all kinds of morals and they also have funny things in them that only adults get. I guess Disney realized that maybe they need to help parents out a little bit if the kids are making them come see this movie. There is just so much difference now. I am not saying that the new ones are good, because they are, we just watched Walle and thought how good it was. I just hope that one day Cassie will want to sit down and watch Sleeping Beauty with me when she is older. She did sit through a little but she kept having to get up and run throughout the house because sometime the energy is just too much to contain. That is why she passes out when she sleeps at night because her body has to store up more energy for tomorrow. It was a good day, we didn't do anything productive because I cleaned the house Friday afternoon so that we could have this lazy day. We just don't have many of those anymore.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cassie's Birthday

So on Cassie's birthday back in December, Oma and I took Cassie to go get her ears pierced. Let me tell you that it was worse than her getting a shot. After it was done I just sat there and cried with her. I am so glad I will only do that once. If she wants to get them pierced again she has to go by herself. I could not handle that again. Well after that we let you go through the mall and play. Here are some pics of her playing on the slide for a hour.

She had so much fun and Oma was smart enough to bring her camera. Her earrings are so cute but if I have another girl I will do it when she is much younger so she can't fight me so much when i clean them.

So the next day we had her birthday party and I know I put a video of her blowing out the candles but I thought I would put some pics of her opening presents also.

Her Papa Fry got her some puzzles and she loves putting them together.

Aiden (Donovan & Jennifer's son) wanted to help her put them together.

She has gotten much better at opening her presents.

Gigi got her a red valor jumpsuit, what every little girl needs.

We are ready for Mardi Gras.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Morning

So here is a video of Cassie Christmas morning. It is a little long but the first couple of minutes show what she got. We got her a kitchen and also a new playroom to put all of her toys. She loves her new room. Have fun watching.

New Comforter

So I know it is weird to get excited about a new comforter but I am. I have been wanting this new comforter for nearly six months. Problem is I didn't want to pay how much they were wanting. I kept waiting for it to go on sale but no dice. Finally I got some money for Christmas and decided that I wanted it more than I wanted it to go on sale. So I went to the store to buy it, well this comforter that is only sold at this store, they don't keep in stock, how much sense does that make? So I had to order it. I ordered it on December 26 and did not receive it till January 6. Finally I got it, with the really nice sheets that came with it. So I am going to put pictures on my blog because I am weird.

It is hard to see how pretty it is but trust me, it looks much better in person. Plus Charles likes it which is a miracle because he is so picky for a man.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Party

So I know I have been bad but I thought I would at least show Cassie blowing out the candles at her birthday party.