Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Drama

So Charles and I went to our first OB appointment. This is where you give a ton of blood and the doctor listens to the babies heartbeat. When we went 4 years ago for Cassie, it was a very easy appointment. Oh not this time. Everything was great until we listened for the heartbeat. The doctor could not find the heartbeat. He did say my uterus was tilted down so it maybe harder but then he called for the portable ultrasound machine. Then for I swear 2 minutes, he did not say a word while he was putting the wand on my stomach. Charles and I literally thought the worse. Finally he said, well there the baby is, it just won't quit moving. Oh the relief we both felt was big. The doctor could never get a good reading on the heartbeat because he couldn't get the baby to stay still long enough. All I can think is great, the baby already has ADHD. He did show us the sonogram and man was the baby hyper. I swear I only drank water that day.

So everyone keeps telling us we are having a boy. Well we can't find out until the end of February. Well I bought this test at Target called Intelligender. Here is the website for the test. It is just for fun and not suppose to be used as a real test but they do say it is 80% accurate. So I bought it. It says we are going to have a boy so I guess we will see if it is true or not.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas. Very low key and unstressful. The only stressful part was cooking at my dad's. He has one oven and everything we cook needs to cook in the oven. I am sorry I don't ever have pictures on here. I am so bad at taking pictures and right now I have no idea where are digital camera is. Since we are getting rid of the computer room to make room for the baby, Charles is going through it slowly to get rid of stuff. I feel bad because he loves his computer room but it was his idea. He wants to get rid of clutter.

So I think we both want a boy but at least for me, I will be happy as long as the baby is healthy. I have gotten bigger much faster with this one which I have heard happens after your first one. Man have a been sick. I have not thrown up but my stomach is constantly upset. Charles made an egg dish last night and on the first bite I nearly threw up. Eggs are not my friend right now. Thursday night we are having a date night, dinner and a movie because Cassie is spending the night with my mom. We may even sleep till 7:30 am on Friday. We aren't doing anything for New Years because I will not be able to stay up past midnight and we still have to be up early with Cassie the next day. Life is going well right now. My first OB appointment is today and we will get to hear the heartbeat!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

God's timing

So this post will nearly sound like my sister-in-laws last post but she did say it best. Since before Thanksgiving, I have not felt well. Very tired and cranky and not myself. Just to break the news, Charles and I finally figured out I was pregnant. Man I did not want to take that test. I put it off till I couldn't anymore. Well it came up positive. At first both Charles and I were a little upset. We didn't feel like we were ready for another one, we are still working on us and you always hear of those couples that think having a baby will fix everything. Well after much discussion, we decided we can't change the facts so we are going to both be happy about this. We are in a much better place than we were when we had Cassie. Even emotionally we are in a better place because we are still working on us. Financially we are in a better place, we aren't living with parents, we have our own house and room to add another child. Poor Charles is giving up his computer room but since he watched Hoarders on TV he is all about getting rid of stuff. We are actually excited. My first OB appointment is January 28th.

This pregnancy is already completely different than the first. I am constantly hungry, like get up at 3am to eat cereal hungry. If I don't eat when I am hungry, then I get sick. I don't remember being this tired and I can't brush my teeth without wanting to throw up. I have pretty much given up soft drinks because they don't taste right to me and I drink a ton of water because it makes me feel better. I think I am eating better because Charles is feeding me. Charles and I have already been discussing names and man this child is screwed because we do not like the names the other throws out. It will probably be easier once we know the sex of the baby or maybe it will be harder.

So that is what is going on now. Wish us luck.