Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Things

So I have been bad about doing my blog for May. Nothing has really been going on so that is why I haven't added anything. Here are some random things until something fun happens.

Sunday when I went to get Cassie from WeeGems (Sunday School at our church), the lady in charge came up to me saying, "I need to tell you what Cassie did." My mom said this will the first of many times I hear this. In her area at church they have an indoor playground area for just her age group. In this area they have a ball pit. Well Kelly, the lady in charge of her area, was speaking to the volunteers when she looked up and saw that Cassie had pulled a chair over to the ball area and was going to jump from the chair into the balls. As she was yelling for Cassie to stop she noticed that all the other kids were lined up behind her to take a turn at this fun new game. My child has no fear. She loves jumping off of things.

Yesterday I went the whole day without one coke. They are remodeling our office building so the coke machine is gone for right now, so you have to go to another building to get one so it was just easier to have water. I was so proud of myself. Then this morning I had a coke with breakfast and am now drinking a VERY large coke for lunch. I wish they had rehab for Coke drinkers.

I am looking forward to this summer. The first of June we are going to the lake to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. Then hopefully we are going to celebrate my niece's birthday the end of June. Not much going on in July until the end when my niece is coming to stay in Odessa for a week then Charles, Cassie and I are taking her back to Dallas and will go to the circus. Cassie liked the circus last year but I think she will like it even better this year since she is so good with naming animals. Now I am way excited about August. Cassie and I are going to Florida with my mom and 4 other girl relatives. It is going to be so much fun. My mom's cousin Sallie has a time-share condo on the beach. I think Cassie will have a blast since she loves the water. Plus I am going to see my friend Tamara that I have not seen in 5 years. She has two beautiful kids and I can't wait to meet them. We talk on the phone all the time but I miss seeing her.

So lots of picture taking opportunities. Will post pictures as we take them. I hope to be able to take pictures of Cassie's swim class on Monday. We have had a few classes but I wanted her to get use to the classes before I took pictures.