Friday, December 5, 2008

Cassie turns 2

Today is Cassie's birthday. I can't believe she is two years old. I took off so that we could have a girls day (plus I had extra vacation that I had to use before the end of the year). I always loved birthday's. My parents always made birthdays extra special. I plan on doing the same for Cassie. My big thing is when she wakes up there is a gift waiting for her. Last year was her activity table and this year we got her a power wheel. So Charles and I got it out when she went to bed to put it together and I of course started reading the instructions while Charles started putting it together without instructions saying, "I don't need no sticking instructions." Well then I read on charging the battery. The battery had to be charged the first time for 18 HOURS. Oh my gosh, we didn't have 18 hours, we figured overnight would be good. So she didn't have a gift waiting for her when she woke up but it was in the kitchen charging. So here is Cassie on a powerwheel with no power.

Corn Maze

The Saturday before Thanksgiving my mom wanted to have a family day since we were not getting to see each other for Thanksgiving. There is a corn maze in Garden City that we went to. There was 11 of us, Rudy, mom, Clint, Stephanie, Robert and their three kids plus us. Cassie was ok in the maze but she didn't like it that much, but when we got out of the maze there was a very very tall slide and she loved that.
She went on that slide so many times. Finally Charles and I wanted to go through the maze by ourselves so mom took Cassie on the slide.

I really wanted to get a cute picture of Charles and I in the maze but I got this instead!

Sometimes he drives me up the wall. We had fun and want to go back when the maze is a little thicker. We went when they were about to mow it down. We are going back next year.