Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can God talk louder!!

I think everyone has this question on their minds, do we move? I pray every morning to God to let me know if we move or not. I think that the problem is that maybe I am choosing not to hear Hm. If we move to Midland, then when Cassie goes to school, I can get off work in time to pick her up then I don't have to use daycare anymore which saves money and I hate having to put her in daycare anyway. But if we move, I don't know if we will have another child because Denise won't be able to keep the baby the first year like Cassie and I will have to put the baby in daycare. Should we even have another baby? I want to have another child but Charles is on the fence and I want both of us to want this. Cassie was a surprise and I don't want to have another surprise baby, even though I love my little surprise more than anything in the world. I want the whole trying experience, the peeing on the stick and happy experience together experience. I also want to take a baby home to my house, not my in-laws. Charles said that maybe I just want the experiences and I have forgotten the newborn experiences. I loved the newborn experiences. I loved breast feeding and just rocking with a newborn. Ok I did miss sleep but I think that if we did it now we wouldn't be use to getting sleep. Man I sure do ramble.

So back to what I was thinking, do we move to Midland. I think the problem is that I don't want to call a realtor because I am afraid of what that person would say of the price to ask for the house. I know what I want to ask for the house, I am just not sure if the realtor would agree. Charles is all about trying to move to Midland, just because we love Midland, all our friends are in Midland, I work in Midland and I like the schools better, well except for the whole Lee thing. So if God will scream in my ear that would be great. Amanda and I were talking about trying to hear God so I hope everything works out like it is with Maddie and school. Hopefully it will.

So Mandi at work just came in with her new baby and all I can think is I want a new baby.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So Charles told me that having two birthday parties for Cassie was dumb and the day was about her, not my feelings or my father's feelings. So we are having one birthday party. We decided to have a supper birthday party because Cassie does better at night and having a lunch party is hard because she takes a nap at noon. So we are having a Marti Gras party for Cassie because she loves the beads and all the mac n cheese and beans she can eat. Charles is going to smoke either ribs or some other part of the dead cow. I am going to make mash potatoes and something else just not sure right now. We are going to have it at my in-laws because they have three different rooms to put tables in so that there are three different places to eat. I think this will be a fun birthday party because Cassie will know more what to do. Plus it won't be at my church where we have to leave at a certain time so this time when Cassie gets tired, we will put her to bed and everyone else can stay if they want. Hopefully it will turn out fun.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally a Working DVR

I am finally getting a working DVR. Charles has realized it is just easier to get a DVR from the cable company than to wait to fix his. Don't get me wrong, I loved his DVR that he built because you could record 4 channels at the same time, plus it cut out commercials, the problem is that it always was breaking down. I love Charles and he is very good at building computers but they are always breaking down, costing us more money. That is why he is not allowed to touch my laptop. I don't wanting him to try to make it better so it is another thing that breaks down. Plus we bought this really nice HDTV and we can't watch HD on it, so Grande is coming out tomorrow and installing a HDTV DVR. So happy. I have missed so many shows because I am dealing with Cassie, i.e. getting dinner ready, giving a bath, or just playing. I don't want to tell her I won't play with her because Mommy's show is on. So now I finally get to record the shows so that I can watch them when she is asleep. Plus I am getting on in the bedroom so that I can watch my go to sleep show before bed. I love watching Modern Marvels because for some reason the narrators voice puts me to sleep every time. Or MASH, i have seen every MASH so I guess it is just soothing to me. I told Charles to watch the Tech game Saturday night to see if he can find me, I will be the one wearing red! :-) GO TECH!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cassie learning words

Cassie is just now getting words that she uses all the time. Her favorite words are of course no, but she also uses "I got it." Everything is "I got it." When she is eating, if she wants more food, she gives me her plate and says more and when she is done, she says "all done" and gives me her plate. I love that she can say momma now but when we are in the car all she says is momma, momma, momma. She isn't even talking to me, she is looking out the window saying it. What is funny is that she doesn't say dada, she says didi. When Charles comes home from work, and tells her hi, she says "hi didi."
She loves to play with me. I am her favorite playmate. Her daycare says that she keeps to herself and I am like is this a bad thing, something that we need to work on? How do you work on that at home. She is around kids all the time, either at daycare, church or our friends that have a son a year younger than her. If she isn't sociable right now, count your blessings that she isn't screaming all the time or biting other kids. If she wants to play by herself, then just let her. When she wants to play with other kids she will. I just don't understand why they need to tell me that like ti is a bad thing.
So I am so excited to get to go to the TECH game this weekend. If they lose I swear I will never go to another game again. They beat Texas, the team that beat OSU so in a perfect world they should be able to beat OSU, but this is TECH. I just want them to win, i want this to be as just as good of a game as last week.
Cassie's birthday...last year I was a nervous wreak. Making sure that my father and Rudy didn't get near each other. I couldn't even enjoy it, I ate nothing and just wanted to cry the whole time. So I had this great idea that I would have two parties this year. A small one and my house with my mom, Rudy and Stephanie's family. Then another one at my inlaws with Charles' family and my dad. That way I could have a good time. Then I started thinking that it sounded like I was punishing my mom and Rudy. I am not, I just don't want to have to deal with what i had to last year. They didn't do anything to make me have a bad time, I just know that my dad does not like Rudy nor that my mom is remarried. When I brought this us to my mom about having two birthdays, I think she knew how I felt but I still think she felt like she was getting the short end of the stick. I don't want her to feel that way, but she is the reason that I have to do this. She is the one who wanted the divorce, not my father. I think she realizes that so she will just go with it. I am not unhappy that she married Rudy because I think he is wonderful for her and he is so good with Cassie but it is still hard, like when there are birthdays or holidays.
Well that was alot for a first blog. Hopefully I can keep this up because it was nice to get it all out.