Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am so bad, it has been nearly a year since my last post. I like to post but the pictures are so much easier to post on Facebook then on here so I usually just post on Facebook. Plus I am not sure how many people really read this. Since that is the case, I will just ramble. So Charles and I have decided to try to put the house up for sale. We have grown out of the house and need more room. A guy from high school is a Realtor now so he came last Friday to assess the house. He is coming tomorrow to tell us how much we can sell it for. I hope to be able to sell it for about $10,000 more than we bought it for. Well the bad thing is that we already found a house we love. My step-father knows this lady who is selling her house so that she can move closer to her kids because she is getting too old to live so far away from them. The house needs alot of updating but Charles is willing to do that. I really don't want to move to a house I have to update so much, but I really like the house. The back yard is so nice. A perfect place for Cassie to play outside and it has a nice deck for me to watch her. We don't know know how much they will be selling it for but we hope it will be in our price range since so much needs to be updated.

I would really like to move to Midland because all our good friends live in Midland, but it would be easier to live in Odessa because both mine and Charles' parents live here. Then the other side is I work in Midland and would love to live closer to wear I work. Of course this is all mute unless we can sell the house for a good price. So Wayne comes tomorrow and I am hoping we get to work on the house Saturday to get it ready to sell. We will have to put half our stuff in storage so that the house doesn't look so crowded.

I wish I had more to blog about. Maybe if Charles lets us have another baby I can blog about being pregnant. Of course my last pregnancy was very dull so that probably wouldn't even be interesting. Well hopefully I can blog about us moving and redoing a house.