Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Miss' Room

We finally got the baby room painted! Charles did a wonderful job and I felt so bad about not being able to help at all with the painting. I did help with bringing him ice tea and getting him tools if he needed them. I also entertained Cassie and the dog so they didn't get into his way. He started on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and we finished Monday morning. Here are the pictures I took. There isn't any furniture in the room yet because we need to steam clean the carpets.
We chalked all the lines of where all the different color paints would be.

We did 4 different colors in the room. Pink on top, green on bottom with a chair rail between them and in the square is an off white color with brown giraffe spots.
Here is Charles painting the pink. Real men paint their daughter's room pink.

Here is the green we painted the bottom of the room.

Here is the pink and green with the chair rail between.

Here is the finished wall with the giraffe spots on it. Charles did those free hand.

I think he did a wonderful job and I can't wait till we add the furniture to the room and it is finished!! Now I just need to figure out curtains.

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