Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Third Trimester

I am on the home stretch and boy am I ready and we still have 76 days to go. I always laughed at women who didn't like to be pregnant because I never understood the problem because my first pregnancy was a breeze. This one has not been a breeze and I am so ready to hold her in my arms because that means I am not pregnant! Oh my back, it hurts all the time. Poor Charles has to listen to me grip all the time and I don't even care.

We got a new puppy, a Great Dane. Yes I know, what in the world were we thinking but in our defense we had already decided and put the deposit down for the puppy before we found out about Little Miss (I will announce her name after she is born :-).
Isn't he the cutest thing. He is actually a pretty good puppy. He is 11 weeks old right now so he should be well trained by the time the baby gets here.

We still haven't gotten the room done, Charles said he would have it done by June 18th, which is the day of my baby shower so I am leaving him alone about it and not nagging him. We are going to go register for stuff this weekend and go pick up some items I let people borrow. It is getting close and I wants everything ready by July 1st because I don't have any idea when she will get here and I don't want to feel rushed.

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